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How to Access Your Million-Dollar Client List

June 10, 2020

When we consider that most business deals and new hires come through referrals, it seems foolish to ignore the potential million-dollar client list you may have locked within your own professional network. According to business breakthrough specialist Adam Kipnes, entrepreneurs are wasting enormous chunks of time chasing new leads when they should be categorizing their existing contact list. In this episode, Adam Kipnes—world-renowned marketing strategist and host of The Entrepreneur’s MBA podcast—delivers insightful lessons on how to scale your client base, advisory list, and referral network by reimagining lead conversion using the connections you already have. With over 25 years of experience working with small businesses, Adam coaches from the standpoint that companies struggle because what you’ve learned about marketing is wrong. Instead of starting with cheap, easy marketing campaigns, Adam gives actionable methods for reshuffling your contact list to pinpoint connections who can build and refer your business and identify potential clients. Adam invites listeners to take confidence in their ability to solve customer issues, and he offers robust strategies to diminish negative self-talk and establish brand trust with your target audience. Stressing the importance of providing real-world value to customers, Adam urges entrepreneurs to nurture B2C communication by asking what keeps your customers up at night? According to Adam, this is where you’ll convert most leads and find real, profitable value. Don’t miss Adam’s guide to making better business decisions with four easy questions.

In this episode we discuss:

The value of concrete strategic business planning vs. annual planning

How to categorize your contact lists to identify clients, mentors, and referral partners

Four important strategy questions to ask before making any business decision 

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