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How Books Build Credibility as a Thought Leader

July 1, 2020

Establishing yourself as a thought leader means proving your credibility in solving your customers’ problems. Mitchell Levy, thought leader expert and publishing guru, says that while the democratization of publishing (especially online) has meant anyone can publish any old nonsense, a truly valuable book is priceless in establishing credibility for thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Mitchell Levyglobal credibility expertbreaks down the tricks to building thought leaders, while explaining how to write an Amazon #1 bestseller to fortify credibility and expand entrepreneurial opportunities.

Having published over 850 books and having penned over 60 books himself, TEDx speaker and Amazon #1 best-selling author Mitchell Levy is a true master on how to build credibility on a foundation of books.

Inviting listeners to title books according to customer points of pain (C-POP), Mitchell gives a three-step method for pinpointing your C-POPs in strategy meetings and a list of social proof materials that build credibility, such as podcasts and interviews.

Listen in for Mitchell’s advice on how to leverage your book to create partnerships and clinch speaking opportunities as an expert.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to pivot to solve your customers’ pain points
  • What drives your brand credibility and how to maximize this authority
  • How to become an Amazon #1 best-selling author and convert this title to opportunities

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