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3 Simple Steps to Systemize your Business Procedures to Thrive

3 Simple Steps to Systemize your Business Procedures to Thrive

September 2, 2020

When an employee leaves, the time and cost of training a replacement can be enormous. Erato Aristotelous, business procedures expert, has seen this stress in businesses over and over again. Without standardised procedures, businesses are always starting again at square one

In this episode , Erato Aristotelous procedural document guru shares the most effective method to thrive with robust business procedures.

With a profound background in procedural development and project management, Erato uses her broad experience working with multinational corporations (like Coca Cola, Cap Gemini, and Xerox) to teach the value of optimized business procedures

As a certified Business Systems Professional (cBSP) for Work The System and founder of, Erato makes it effortless to outsource business procedures writing in three easy steps. 

Helping businesses of all sizes to scale using standardized, replicable procedures, Erato has helped companies save more than $11,000 a year by systemizing procedures. 

Offering an incredible ROI tool and a wealth of insider secrets, Erato explains how outsourcing procedures helps enhance company culture. By freeing up employees to do their official assigned jobs, Erato’s professionally-trained procedure writers reduce your team’s workload, while optimizing workflows for all-round efficiency.

Delving into cost reductions associated with training new employees, Erato stresses the importance of ownership over working procedures

If you’re looking to improve accountability, employee efficiency, and team training, take a listen to Erato’s invaluable advice on procedure writing.

To find out more, head to

If you’d like to learn more from Erato Aristotelous, contact us about our Systemize to Thrive consultancy. 

In this episode:

  • How to save $11K+ by documenting procedures effectively
  • The three simple steps to streamlined business procedures
  • How to measure your ROI when outsourcing procedures
Fostering Positive Mental Health in Business to Drive Transformation

Fostering Positive Mental Health in Business to Drive Transformation

July 24, 2020

While the discussion of mental health may be prominent in the public sphere, the topic is often neglected or overlooked when it comes to business. Though we nurture self-care practices in our personal lives, Adam McGraw argues that the lack of positive mental health practices in the business sector stifles growth.


In this episode, Adam McGraw, CRO of Positive Intelligence, discusses the effective routes to shutting out self-sabotaging rhetoric in our personal and professional lives. Adam notes that founders and entrepreneurs should, instead, focus on exercising daily mental practices to unleash positive intelligence. By directly addressing our negative inner critics, we can identify, label, and shift negative storylines that smother personal and business growth.


Adam explains how his platform—through the gamification of empowering behaviors—trains and encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage the five key positive powers of positive intelligence (exploration, empathy, innovation, navigation, and laser-focused action) to create sustainable change


In this episode we discuss:


  • How to identify the 10 root factors to self-sabotage in life and business
  • How to habitualized growth mindset practices to eradicate negative storylines
  • The five building blocks for positive intelligence to harness in your start-up



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Systemize to Thrive Like a Medal-Winning Athlete

Systemize to Thrive Like a Medal-Winning Athlete

July 13, 2020

What can businesses learn from athletes? Top performers in their fields and medal-winning athletes like Jenny Davis know what it takes to break barriers and grow consistently. 

Today, Jenny DavisWTS Certified Coach, international sprint cyclist, and ex-judo player—unpacks the process of enhancing your business with systems she uses as a world-class athlete and businesswoman.

With a Commonwealth Games medal under her belt, Jenny is the fastest woman in Scottish sprint cycling and a sought-after keynote speaker for organizations looking to expand their horizons.

Teaching us the importance of deep strategy, Jenny explains the pitfalls of chasing quick wins at the expense of practicing consistent, positive habit formation.

By applying the systems she uses to excel in athletics, Jenny explores how “The Compound Effect” has shaped her exponential results over time, and how attention to detail makes the difference between winners and losers.

Jenny also shares her working process for helping businesses balance their operations and find new areas of growth

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to set clear business goals and reverse engineer business processes for defined, actionable steps.
  • “The Compound Effect” and its capacity for exponential results through consistency.
  • The importance of attention to detail and how to use deep strategy to avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome.”
Small Business Tax 101: Building Your Financial Team

Small Business Tax 101: Building Your Financial Team

July 8, 2020

Taxes feel like the bane of all small businesses. However, according to ex-criminal-tax investigator Senica Evans, the trick to mastering small business tax is in creating a solid financial team and robust tax strategy from the very beginning.

In this episode, Senica Evans, expert small business tax specialist, gives us common small business tax mistakes and straightforward strategic tax systems for SMEs. With a background in tax audits and criminal investigation, Senica gives poignant insights into small business tax compliance, state-registration, and IRS red flags.

Senica vibrantly shares her own emotional journey of switching sides—from busting tax fraudsters to aiding SMEs in avoiding tax pitfalls. Generously imparting nuggets of wisdom from her eight years as an independent tax consultant, Senica gives actionable advice on hiring contractors vs. employees, hiring family, systemizing finances, finding the right tax advisor, and reducing tax deductions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Common tax mistakes small businesses make
  • Top tips for building a robust financial team
  • Growth strategies for full tax compliance without overspending

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How Books Build Credibility as a Thought Leader

How Books Build Credibility as a Thought Leader

July 1, 2020

Establishing yourself as a thought leader means proving your credibility in solving your customers’ problems. Mitchell Levy, thought leader expert and publishing guru, says that while the democratization of publishing (especially online) has meant anyone can publish any old nonsense, a truly valuable book is priceless in establishing credibility for thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Mitchell Levyglobal credibility expertbreaks down the tricks to building thought leaders, while explaining how to write an Amazon #1 bestseller to fortify credibility and expand entrepreneurial opportunities.

Having published over 850 books and having penned over 60 books himself, TEDx speaker and Amazon #1 best-selling author Mitchell Levy is a true master on how to build credibility on a foundation of books.

Inviting listeners to title books according to customer points of pain (C-POP), Mitchell gives a three-step method for pinpointing your C-POPs in strategy meetings and a list of social proof materials that build credibility, such as podcasts and interviews.

Listen in for Mitchell’s advice on how to leverage your book to create partnerships and clinch speaking opportunities as an expert.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to pivot to solve your customers’ pain points
  • What drives your brand credibility and how to maximize this authority
  • How to become an Amazon #1 best-selling author and convert this title to opportunities

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Physiotherapist to Business Consultant—Thriving with Systems

Physiotherapist to Business Consultant—Thriving with Systems

June 28, 2020

For business owners, the actual systematic working procedures of the business are usually secondary to the core services provided. However, as a physiotherapist and business systems expert, Robert Moss stresses smooth-running systems are the backbone of any successful enterprise, no matter the industry. Being the best physiotherapist wasn’t enough alone; Robert needed business systemization to thrive.

In this episode, Robert Moss—top physio and WTS certified coach—gives us insights into how he applies systemized business design to streamline team management and scale his physiotherapy business. Providing real-world examples from his physio business, Robert delves into the strategic collaborative exercises he uses to identify and solve problems within his team’s workflow and automate marketing processes to ensure regular brand exposure. Diving into the seven key business principles he applies across his company when making decisions, Robert offers actionable insights into how to apply the Japanese concept of Kaizen to grow your firm one small step at a time. Going from physiotherapist to business consultant, Robert reflects on how he’d approach his physio business differently now. Robert cannot understate the importance of how integrating business systems has enabled him to boost accountability, productivity, and profitability.

In this episode we discuss:

● Top communications systems to improve team workflows and collaboration

● The power of regular, closed-loop marketing systems

● How to improve accountability with business systems automation

CRM—Running Your Business through Excel Is No Longer an Option

CRM—Running Your Business through Excel Is No Longer an Option

June 24, 2020

Are you looking for ways to more efficiently manage your leads and therefore increase sales? In this episode, Resa Gooding, a prestigious HubSpot Platinum Partner, explains why all businesses can benefit from switching to a CRM. Based in Israel, Resa has over 12 years of agency experience assisting businesses of all types with marketing automation. She is an expert at analyzing the processes and systems related to lead management, and excels at helping companies restructure their lead capture and management systems for greater profit. Her clients include traditional companies that tend to be less tech savvy, as well as startups.

In this episode we discuss:

● Why it’s time to upgrade from Excel or Google Sheets to a CRM.

● The advantages of HubSpot and how their CRM can help you learn more about your leads.

● Basic data points that can automatically be appended to a lead in a CRM system such as HubSpot.


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How to Access Your Million-Dollar Client List

How to Access Your Million-Dollar Client List

June 10, 2020

When we consider that most business deals and new hires come through referrals, it seems foolish to ignore the potential million-dollar client list you may have locked within your own professional network. According to business breakthrough specialist Adam Kipnes, entrepreneurs are wasting enormous chunks of time chasing new leads when they should be categorizing their existing contact list. In this episode, Adam Kipnes—world-renowned marketing strategist and host of The Entrepreneur’s MBA podcast—delivers insightful lessons on how to scale your client base, advisory list, and referral network by reimagining lead conversion using the connections you already have. With over 25 years of experience working with small businesses, Adam coaches from the standpoint that companies struggle because what you’ve learned about marketing is wrong. Instead of starting with cheap, easy marketing campaigns, Adam gives actionable methods for reshuffling your contact list to pinpoint connections who can build and refer your business and identify potential clients. Adam invites listeners to take confidence in their ability to solve customer issues, and he offers robust strategies to diminish negative self-talk and establish brand trust with your target audience. Stressing the importance of providing real-world value to customers, Adam urges entrepreneurs to nurture B2C communication by asking what keeps your customers up at night? According to Adam, this is where you’ll convert most leads and find real, profitable value. Don’t miss Adam’s guide to making better business decisions with four easy questions.

In this episode we discuss:

The value of concrete strategic business planning vs. annual planning

How to categorize your contact lists to identify clients, mentors, and referral partners

Four important strategy questions to ask before making any business decision 

Making Money with Digital Marketing

Making Money with Digital Marketing

June 3, 2020

In this podcast, we discuss things very close to every entrepreneur’s heart—lead generation and customer acquisition. Our guest, Adam Lundquist, founder of Nerds Do It Better, shares valuable insights that he’s gained while driving growth for his customers through digital marketing. Join us as we navigate the multi-channel landscape, right from leads to deals. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  1. How to tailor your offer for each marketing medium to get the best results. 
  2. How to increase the speed of your response to queries. 
  3. Select digital marketing strategies that will grow sales. 


We hope these tips help you to apply digital marketing to achieve your specific business goals. 


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Ditch Upwork! Learn Why Filipino Outsourcing Is Good for Business

Ditch Upwork! Learn Why Filipino Outsourcing Is Good for Business

May 28, 2020

Worrying about fitting all your daily tasks into your packed entrepreneurial schedule? Looking for solutions for long-term time management? Considering hiring a remote worker to lighten your load? In this episode, John Jonas—“The Rockstar of Virtual Assistants”—breaks down the benefits of outsourcing from the Philippines. John, director of, founded the world’s largest online Filipino outsourcing platform. Having helped over 100,000 employers find remote talent, and with more than 5 million résumé submissions, John is an eloquent authority on enhancing business systems with remote hiring. He also practices what he preaches: working less (17 hours/week!) and making more.

In this episode we discuss:

● How to reduce your workload by leveraging outsourcing services in the Philippines.

● Why, how, and where to focus training efforts to truly maximize the benefits of outsourcing.

● Challenges entrepreneurs face when taking that leap from contracting to outsourcing.


We hope this episode helps you to learn the value of outsourcing as a tool to reduce bottlenecks in your business systems.

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