Sam “Bares All,” Episode Two of Three

December 9, 2014

Sam and Josh are going to tell you about their typical day. You will absolutely identify with what they say, as you think of how you can apply the principles to your own business.  You’ll hear about moment-to-moment Systems Mindset tact…how they see things; how they “get it.” How they make decisions…how they see clearly that the world is a collection of processes just aching to be adjusted and made efficient…individual processes that, once seen, can be isolated, adjusted and tweaked to perfection. Learn how they communicate between each other and with everyone else. It will be about Implementation:  WHAT to do first, how to adopt the essential minute-by-minute mindset, how to get your people to climb on board…the works, everything necessary for you to change your life starting NOW! Sam will strip things down to the bare essentials.


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