Sam “Bares All,” Episode One of Three

November 25, 2014

…it’s mandatory that we take the time to understand the machinery of our lives if we are to modify that machinery to produce the results we desire.” –Sam Carpenter, from the book Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.

In this first session, Sam and Josh Fonger (Sam’s Work the System Consultants business partner), examine the essential “mind tweak” of seeing life as a collection of independent systems, as well as delve into the critical-to-understand explanation of why an individual’s success has the little to do with personal attributes such as IQ, education, personal charm, good looks or even the capacity to work long and hard. Instead, Sam points out that success is a direct result of the machinery of one’s life: How well it is directed as well as how carefully it is adjusted and maintained. Point-by-point, Sam and Josh cover the essential nine work the system fundamentals as well as twenty eight principles. Also, they describe EVM: an important new communication tool that has become indispensable to their everyday lives.


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